The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

-Marcel Proust



I have been Planning this trip for many months. This map represents my final plan. I expect that it will change dramatically once I get on the road. But this is my plan. The green line is my route of travel. Each circle represents the end of a day's ride. I call this distance a leg rather than a day as I plan on spending time in some cities and just spending one night in most.




July 3, 2001: Happy Fourth of July.

I finished my twelfth week when I returned home yesterday. This week was a bit melancholy with the end of the trip although that was offset by visits with some good friends and family.

Another good week with the weather finally improving, in fact improving a little bit too much for the second half of the week. Why does my riding weather dial only have two settings: wet or grill? For the record this week saw me travel from Grants Pass, Oregon down the Redwood Highway to Crescent City, CA and onto Eureka for the night. Then down Highway 101 and the Avenue of the Giants to Fort Bragg. I continued on Highway 1 leaving Fort Bragg through Guerneville and into San Francisco for the weekend. From San Francisco I rode across a very hot Central Valley to Reno / Sparks to spend the night with my sister and her husband. An early start the next morning got me down US 395 to Lee Vining and a big right turn up and over the Tioga Pass (9,945 feet) and into Yosemite. The ride down from Yosemite was in record heat and generated my only near fall of the trip: repairs in the asphalt heated by the day's sun lost their grip on my rear tire which went out from under me. I recovered but used a bit of the opposing traffic lane so I was lucky there was no on-coming traffic. The ride down to Fresno was like riding through an oven even though I have never done that. My last day was a high-speed run from Fresno to Ramona.

On the stats side of the page: this week added 1,473 miles to the total of14,470 for the entire trip (that's 23,301 kms). Gas mileage remained at 33 miles per gallon overall. The highest price for gas was set this week at Lee Vining, CA where I paid $2.40 per gallon. The cheapest gas remains $1.55 in Tucson. Average cost per gallon for the trip was $1.84.

I'll send one last e-mail next week when I have the website full updated with the last ten days of entries and photos. If you've enjoyed this little saga, please take the time to make a guest book entry on the website.

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